IDO Security Announces Additional Sale and Expansion of MagShoe(TM) Shoes-On Weapons Detection Systems for Gdansk Lech Walesa In

Dec. 4, 2007

LONDON , Dec. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- IDO Security Inc., (OTC Bulletin Board: IDOI) a provider of innovative detection solutions for the homeland security market including the MagShoe(TM) high speed shoes-on portable footwear metal weapons detection system, today announced the sale of additional MagShoe(TM) units from Port Lotniczy Gdansk Spolka z.o.o., the operators of Lech Walesa International Airport's terminal facilities. This sale expands a prior installation of MagShoe(TM) units at the airport providing the capability to quickly and accurately screen all passengers for metallic weapons.

"We are proud to be associated with the MagShoe(TM) product as, apart from its obvious merits in enhancing passenger safety, it will further increase our reputation as a provider of proven top of the range security equipment at Polish Airports" said Bob Peterson , Chief Executive Officer of Pimco.

"With the heightened need for high tech security enhancements at airports, we are pleased to see the rapidity with which that interest is being translated into additional MagShoe(TM) sales at airports like Gdansk Lech Walesa International Airport. This illustrates not only the real and immediate need to plug the security gaps at airports, but also further demonstrates the reliability of the MagShoe(TM) at effectively detecting metal weapons at airports and other locations," said Jorge Wolf , Chief Executive Officer of IDO Security Ltd.

The MagShoe(TM) will be used to accelerate and enhance passenger screening effectiveness at Gdansk Lech Walesa International Airport, a major Polish transportation hub. IDO's authorized distributor in Poland , Pimco Sp. z.o.o., is a Polish security enterprise with expertise in airports, explosive ordnance detection and removal, ports, CBN, surveillance and a full range of security products and systems, arranged the sale.

About Pimco

Pimco Sp. z.o.o. Pimco is a company with over 20 years of experience in many aspects of safety and security. From equipment ensuring the safety of air and sea passengers to specialist equipment for the armed forces; from fire fighting monitors to pharmaceutical instruments and from chemical rescue and decontamination equipment to water and air monitoring instruments. Pimco offers high quality equipment which conforms to EU or NATO standards. Pimco possesses the following certificates: ISO 9001:2001, AQAP 2110:2006 WSK (Polish Internal Control Certificate)

About IDO Security

IDO is engaged in the design, development and marketing of devices for the homeland security and loss prevention markets for use in security screening to detect metallic objects concealed on or in footwear, ankles and feet through the use of electro-magnetic fields. These devices were designed specifically for applications in the security screening to complement the current methods for the detection of metallic items during security screenings and at security checkpoints in venues such as airports, prisons, schools, stadiums and other public locations and other venues requiring individual security screening IDO's sole commercial product, "MagShoe(TM)" has been issued one patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in November 2005 covering various aspects of its unique technology and there is one patent application pending in Israel . In January 2006 , the MagShoe(TM) was approved for use by the Department for Transport in the United Kingdom , after fields trials were conducted for the Home Office's Police Scientific Development Branch. In addition, IDO has been certified by the International Organization for Standardization ("ISO") under ISO 9001:2000 compliance for the design, development and manufacture of electronic, electro-optic and electro- mechanical systems.

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