New Wave of 'Intelligent' Perimeter Defense Products Helps Counter Growing Variety of Terrorist Threats

Sept. 12, 2007

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Six years after the September 11 tragedy, high-threat structures, such as government buildings, airports, bridges and nuclear plants, now have the ability to adopt a perimeter defense system capable of combating a variety of vehicle-based terrorist threats.

Intelligent Perimeter Systems (IPS), a developer and integrator of advanced counter-terrorist vehicle barrier and traffic control systems, recently unveiled its new Intelli-Gate Automatic Entry and Intelli-Barrier Automatic Vehicle Intrusion systems - both of which add intelligent technology components to perimeter defense products that, until now, have been solely physical in nature.

"Considering that only 15 percent of critical infrastructure assets in the U.S. have updated physical perimeter security since September 11 and the threat level has remained elevated, high or severe during the past five years, there is certainly a need for more protection from vehicle-based attempts at penetration," said Mike Korodi, president of IPS. "This vulnerability aspect is the core problem that IPS intelligent products were designed to solve as no other company has stepped up to fill this need. Our newest products have revolutionized security measures by bringing intelligence to historically non- intelligent perimeter security products made for protecting people and property."

Although IPS systems are also appropriate for corporate buildings and campuses, the company's current customer focus is with local, state and federal government agencies, in addition to airports, nuclear facilities, energy plants - all of which are high-level terrorist threats.

The Intelli-Gate system integrates multiple standard hardware and software components - including vehicle barriers, gates, identification sensors and card readers - into a single, user-friendly product that provides security personnel with a turnkey solution for controlling personnel, vehicle and visitor access into any location accurately and in real-time.

The IPS Intelli-Barrier product line integrates vehicle barriers with various state-of-the-art threat detection sensors, including CCTV, laser curtain intrusion detection, wide-area lighting, and audible enunciators, to secure the access points and perimeters of critical infrastructure facilities. Next generation sensors, which allow the barriers to detect threats including explosives, chemical/biological weapons, and radiation, are currently in development.

Both new products incorporate IPS' existing retractable vehicle barriers, which can stop a 30,000-pound vehicle traveling 50 miles per hour. These barriers exceed both K12 and PAS 68 government crash test certification ratings in the U.S. and U.K. respectively.

About Intelligent Perimeter Systems

Intelligent Perimeter Systems is an innovative developer and integrator of access control products, including intelligent systems that combine physical and electronic perimeter security technologies, retractable vehicle barrier systems and traffic control devices. Its products allow government and private organizations to create a secure, protected environment for people and property. Developed in part through a Department of Defense anti-terrorism grant, the company's high-security vehicle control systems create an impenetrable barrier that deploys in seconds and holds K12 anti-terrorist certification from the U.S. Department of State and PAS 68 certification from the United Kingdom . IPS has been engineering and integrating systems for vehicle access control equipment since 2004 and sells its products worldwide. For more information and to view a video demonstration, visit

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