Webinar: Access Control Best Practices: How to Protect Legacy Systems from Common Vulnerabilities

New research from HID Global shows that a majority of organizations are using outdated access control technology, which creates unnecessary vulnerabilities. As access control continues to evolve, this webinar is designed to identify which technologies are best suited for your organization, as well as discuss methods to begin a streamlined, future-proof upgrade process.

Beyond upgrades, there are several best practices with existing access control systems to better protect your organization against common vulnerabilities like forgery, cloning, and spoofing. This webinar will detail these best practices by highlighting the importance of underlying credential technology, cryptographic keys, encryption, and privacy.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The current state of the access control market, including key technologies in use;
  • How to best prepare for and conduct upgrades to access control systems;
  • And, actionable best practices to protect organizations from common vulnerabilities.