High Rise Escape Systems, Inc. Receives Military Contract Through GSA Award GS-07F-0340U, and Becoming a Very Valuable Number fo

Feb. 2, 2009

SANFORD, Fla. , Feb. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- High Rise Escape Systems, Inc. announced today that the United States Army in Iraq has awarded a contract for their portable evacuation devices. This is their first order through their new GSA Schedule. This opens up vast opportunities to sell their inexpensive permanent and portable evacuation systems for multi-story buildings to all branches of the Government. "The GSA is just the most recent accomplishment for us," explained Ryan Alles , former Fire Fighter and President of High-Rise Escape Systems, Inc. "After September 11th, 2001 , Congress passed the SAFETY Act which gave the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security the authority to review and Designate products that they determine can save lives in an emergency. They become 'Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies,' We achieved this designation in 2007."

But that isn't all. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) just approved a new standard effective January 1st, 2009 adopting Supplemental Evacuation into the Building Code and Life Safety Code Handbooks. "What an incredible feeling of accomplishment and responsibility," said Ryan Alles . "I opened my Handbook to discover three pictures of our products being used as a model for Supplemental Evacuation!" This book will serve as the Bible for the Construction and Fire Engineering Communities for the next three years. Municipalities abroad may now adopt this code, requiring all multi-story buildings to meet this new level of Life Safety. Ryan stated "Each year there are thousands of fires among other reasons to evacuate multi-story buildings. We've preached 'Plan two ways out!' Now there is no excuse. We can't settle back into complacency thinking that Terrorism won't strike us again. Bin Laden admitted he was surprised by his success during 9/11 and we are ignorant if we think that the dynamics of multi-story buildings won't play a part in future attacks," This new five year GSA Contract [with three renewal terms], the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security Qualified Anti-Terrorism Designation, and the National Fire Protection Agency's new Standard have established an incredible position for High Rise Escape Systems Inc.

The High Rise Escape Systems' Guardian and Responder Emergency Evacuation Systems serve as both alternative and supplemental means of egress for buildings and structures of up to 999 feet, about 100 floors and have systems starting as low as $1495.

About High Rise Escape Systems, Inc.

High Rise Escape Systems, Inc. is a privately-held public company. The company has been in operation for 3 years and is located at 240 Power Ct. Suite 108 in Sanford, Florida 32771. The company's website is www.HRES.com. The company is presently seeking venture capital resources to aid in the expansion of its marketing forces and support of its expanding world-wide distribution network.

Companies or individuals interested in purchasing or becoming a distributor should contact: Ryan Alles, President High Rise Escape Systems, Inc. 800-643-9635 sales@hres.com

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