"Mumbai was Your Final Wake-Up Call" Wm. Dunmore Warns UN Security Council, and Submits Anti-Causal Rescue-Package That Will Als

Dec. 9, 2008

LONDON , December 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the attack on Mumbai , constitutional lawyer and WW2 naval officer, William Dunmore , has updated the suggested UN Security Council Resolution in his Anti-Causal Plan For Rescuing The Young From The Dire Peril (see PRNewswire 10/11/08).

He reminds Council members that the Plan's world-wide UNESCO-Supported Anti-Causal "4th R" Education is "a necessary step" to defeat terrorism, as required by Resolution 1373 (passed as a result of 9/11 seven years ago); and stresses that it would "change universal conduct and transform society into a peaceful model," as called for "in alarm and urgency" by the (1993) UNESCO-Sponsored Montreal International Congress on Education.

Today's peril, he adds, resembles 1929 to '39; except that we now have ready-targeted ICBM's and four major trouble-spots that could trigger a global nuclear holocaust - not to mention the biological weapons.

He also advises that the answer to the unstable ethic-less world economy is NOT "regulation," as suggested at last month's Washington G20 Financial Summit, because it ignores causation.

The progressive long-term solution is education of the young, world-wide, under UNESCO's umbrella, with Supra-Democracy's stabilising global ethic - The Indispensable Global Ethic For Social Stability ("TINGESS") of its Anti-Causal "4th R" Schools-Programme.

If adopted, the suggested Resolution would start to stabilise the world economy and begin to remove The Dire Peril. In other words, "TINGESS" will give two for one - producing those two priceless global benefits from one logical Security Council Resolution.

Mr Dunmore is also sending his updated Resolution to all UNO, UNESCO and UNICEF permanent delegates and the world's universities. He is urging them to persuade their governments to press the Security Council to adopt it - now - before an apparently insignificant regional dispute triggers a global disaster - as in 1914.

The suggested Resolution can be seen on the internet through this link: http://www.anti-causal4thr.org It is derived from the author's principal work, The Supra-Democratic World-Plan at (with 6 regional editions) http://www.supra-democracy.org

Supra-Democracy is the universally-beneficial political and educational dynamic for the 21st century. Its Permanent Manifesto is at http://www.theuniversalsupra-democracyparty.info

A special regional study, The One Possible - Progressive - Solution to the Long-Running Middle East Problem and Age-Old Jewish Question, at http://www.mid-eastroadmap2.info shows why President Bush's Road Map cannot work.

Email enquiries to William Dunmore at suprademfound@AOL.com

SOURCE William Dunmore

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