Exostar and the National Notary Association Team to Deliver a Fully-Outsourced Federated Identity-as-a-Service Solution

Aug. 26, 2008

HERNDON, Va. , Aug. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Exostar, the leading provider of secure, multi-enterprise collaboration solutions through the Trusted Workspace to the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry, today announced it has executed a first-of-its-kind partnership with the National Notary Association (NNA) to provide a true end-to-end outsourced digital credentialing service. As a result of this relationship, organizations no longer need to assume the scheduling, resource cost and risk associated with verifying the identities and establishing and maintaining digital credentials for their employees and those of their suppliers and trading partners.

Exostar's Federated Identity Service (FIS) is a comprehensive, fully-managed public key infrastructure (PKI) solution that delivers complete lifecycle management of medium level of assurance digital credentials. This Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) is cross certified with CertiPath, thereby ensuring adherence to the highest standards for identity assurance -- delivering secure, controlled access to applications and information, as well as creating interoperability across the extended value chain.

The partnership with the NNA extends Exostar's IDaaS offering by including the A&D industry's most robust identity verification capabilities as a service option. For companies with large workforces and extensive networks of partners and suppliers, identity verification is a time-consuming, cost-prohibitive task that requires significant numbers of dedicated, highly-specialized personnel to execute. Firms that conduct this labor-intensive effort in-house take on the responsibility of validating potentially thousands of identifications, and dealing with the ramifications of any errors.

"We have long understood the challenges organizations face with identity verification. In a best-case scenario, they must make a major investment in resources that don't directly align with the corporate mission, which is counterintuitive with our outsourced IDaaS model," said Vijay Takanti, Exostar's Vice President, Security and Collaboration Solutions. "By teaming with NNA, a trusted identity provider in the industry, we can alleviate this burden with a solution executed by specialized notaries. Companies now have a choice. They can stick with the premium version of FIS and handle identity verification themselves, or they can select the new standard version of FIS and allow Exostar and the NNA - using its trusted network of specialized notaries -- to do it for them."

The NNA is the leading authority on the American notary office and is dedicated to training and serving the nation's 4.8 million notaries to boost transaction security and consumer protections. Notary professionals specialize in identity screening to detect fraud and verify the security of transactions. The NNA is leveraging this expertise to create "Trusted Enrollment Agents(TM)" for identity verification. Notaries in all 50 states will complete a high-assurance program developed by the NNA and Exostar to train them on Exostar and CertiPath digital credentialing processes and procedures. NNA Trusted Enrollment Agents(TM) will thus possess the special qualifications necessary to screen identifications of those individuals proposed to receive digital credentials. Premium FIS customers will benefit from rapid, cost-effective identity verification for large volumes of personnel from a safe, trusted, reliable source that provides the utmost competence and security.

"Identity assurance and signature authentications are the cornerstones of a notary's job function. Our members pride themselves on executing those responsibilities flawlessly on a daily basis," said Timothy S. Reiniger , the NNA's Executive Director. "That's why our partnership with Exostar for identity verification as part of the digital credentialing process makes perfect sense. Exostar's vision for IDaaS is unparalleled, and they are clearly setting the standard for the A&D industry with this groundbreaking agreement and service offering."

About Exostar

Exostar's Trusted Workspace powers secure multi-enterprise information sharing, collaboration and business process integration throughout the extended value chain. Exostar was founded in 2000 to support the complex trading needs of the world's largest aerospace and defense companies, including BAE SYSTEMS, The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin Corp., Raytheon Co. and Rolls-Royce. Exostar's identity assurance products and on-demand business applications reduce risk, improve agility and strengthen trading partner relationships and profitability for over 40,000 companies worldwide. For more information, please visit http://www.exostar.com

About The National Notary Association

Founded in 1957, the National Notary Association (NNA) is committed to the professional development of Notaries throughout the United States by providing education, support and advocacy. The NNA also educates lawmakers, businesses and state officials on best notarial practices, and leads efforts to make necessary changes in the state and federal statutory framework. With hundreds of thousands of members, the Association offers federally accredited Notary education programs.

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