Lack of Security Blamed in Killing following Rap Concert

Feb. 8, 2006
Shooting occurred outside concert hall near artists' exit

A Colorado record company is blaming inadequate security for a fatal shooting after the company's rap concert Saturday in downtown Lawrence.

Officials with Upset Records also said there was no evidence that the shooting was tied to their artists or the content of the show at the Granada, a popular nightspot.

The shooting occurred about 2 a.m. Sunday, killing Topeka resident Robert Earl Williams, 46, and seriously wounding a Kansas City, Kan., man.

In a written statement Tuesday, officials with Upset said:

"At the time of the shooting no security guards employed by the Granada Theater were on hand to be of assistance. A police officer was to be supplied to the artists to escort them out and watch the door as artists and guests left the show. No officer was ever supplied by the Granada Theater."

Granada owner Mike Logan responded by e-mail, saying his establishment provides security inside the venue for all events, and "never agreed to provide a police officer for the artists' exit at the event held on Feb. 4 and never have for any event."

Logan added that the show ended at least 25 minutes before the shooting, which he said occurred several feet from his door. He said about 75 persons attended and left the club without incident within five minutes of the concert's conclusion.

Logan also said he had no knowledge that those involved in the shooting had been at the concert.

Lawrence police declined to comment on Upset's statement but had said Monday that they believed those involved with the shooting, including the victims, had attended the concert.

Police were following up to 200 leads, some pointing out of state. Investigators said they had developed some suspect information but had not identified anyone.

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