New Altronix Maxim Access Power Controller Adds Flexibility for System Integrity

Sept. 25, 2006
Delivers Greater Capacity For Larger Systems

San Diego, CA (September 25, 2006) – Responding to the needs of a dynamic marketplace, Altronix is introducing the Maxim75D Access Power Controller featuring resettable PTC protected outputs to avoid damage due to short circuit and over current conditions which the system may encounter. The Maxim 75D is the most recent introduction to the Maxim Access Power Controller series, all of which are designed to interface with access control panels and power myriad access control accessories and locking devices.

“The addition of the Maxim 75D to our power controller series offers designers more choices so they can provide the best solution for specific system requirements,” said Alan Forman, President, Altronix Corporation. “The product is easy to configure and installation can be accomplished quickly, as with our entire family of highly reliable products.”

The Maxim 75D provides 10 amps and 12VDC and 10 amps at 24VDC. The unit converts a 115VAC 60Hz input into eight 12VDC and eight 24VDC independently controlled PTC protected outputs. The outputs can also be operated in both fail-safe and/or fail-secure modes. Auxiliary power outputs (unswitched) are rated at 2.5 amps. All outputs incorporate built-in selectable latching or non-latching fire alarm (FACP) interface. Monitoring for AC failure, low battery and battery presence is also incorporated into the design of the units.

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