Poorly Lit Video Improved With Unique DynaPel NightView Enhancement Solution

Sept. 25, 2006
Intelligent Software Compensates For Low Lighting In Real-Time & Post-Recording

San Diego, CA (September 25, 2006) – While low lighting in dark environments has typically caused problems for video surveillance images, NightView Digital Real Time Video Enhancement System software-based solution from DynaPel corrects images taken in poorly lit, underexposed or overexposed situations by balancing the image to show maximum detail. NightView’s video analytics can be applied either in real-time or on recorded images, making it possible to capture positive ID shots.

“Most video surveillance and security cameras in use today are simply not sophisticated enough to meet the challenge of capturing high quality images in poorly lit conditions,” said Jeffery Vollmar, Vice President of DynaPel. “These images are typically grainy at best, provide little identification value and can be fatiguing to watch. NightView improves picture quality by producing cleaner images with more detail in almost any lighting environment.”

Not only does NightView solve the problem of poorly lit video, it also does not require a substantial investment in new equipment. Like DynaPel's other video enhancement solutions, NightView will work with virtually any PTZ or camera system. It can even be used to correct recorded images. As a result, NightView offers the highest levels of performance and value for existing and new video surveillance systems.

“DynaPel’s intelligent solutions allow us to easily enhance the performance of our customers’ video surveillance systems without having to recommend tear-downs or replacements for improved performance," said Vollmar. "It's all part of our commitment to providing our customers with the latest innovations in technology."

For more information on DynaPel’s product line, please visit the website at www.dynapel.com.