AirVisual’s IntelliViewer Delivers Remote Wireless Monitoring and Control of Physical Security Systems

Sept. 25, 2006
Offering Increased Mobility and Response Effectiveness, Software Solution Integrates With CCTV, Access Control and Security Systems Seamlessly

San Diego, CA (September 25, 2006) – AirVisual, Inc., a rapidly growing application service provider for the enterprise security and public safety market, is improving on the security professional’s capability to access and control video images and other safety information remotely and wirelessly with its IntelliViewer product – a wireless video monitoring platform and mobile command system.

AirVisual’s unique software driven solution, allows security professionals, law enforcement personnel, first responders and central stations to remotely access, monitor and control security systems from virtually any manufacturer using any off-the-shelf networked or mobile device such as a computer, cellular phone, PDA or tablet. “Even though you are not physically at your command center or surveillance control room, it does not mean you have to be visually out of touch.” said Tom Hansen, Founder and CEO, AirVisual, Inc. “Using the IntelliViewer system, security professionals are able to overcome the challenge of how mobile personnel can access, monitor or control video images and other related security information to fully function while in the field, improving safety and the way they operate and respond.”

The system provides real-time views as well as archived video playback from surveillance cameras, GPS-tracking and alarm monitoring using a map-and-floor plan interface and offers personnel immediate access and sharing of critical data previously only available via the central station. IntelliViewer can be implemented using virtually any mobile device on almost every wireless network. It integrates with existing video networks as well as supporting other surveillance technologies such as heat sensors, motion detectors, access control and chemical/biological monitoring. For added convenience and ease of operation, IntelliViewerâ„¢ utilizes standard web browsers to provide a graphical user interface (GUI) for configuration and operation, without having to install custom software.

AirVisual’s open and secure platform offers full telemetry, enabling control over internal functions such as PTZ control, DVR set-up and programming, and access control with advanced notification features – including the ability to send bookmarks with specific information related to alarm events.

According to Hansen, deploying IntelliViewer in an application such as airport security would allow personnel to monitor alarms and sensor status on their mobile devices as well as share and transmit vital information, regardless of their physical location. Clients could also receive alerts when an alarm condition or critical event has occurred, complete with a visual representation of the area. “If an emergency exit is opened without the proper access control authorization, for example, the security personnel, using their mobile device from another location, can view the scene to determine who the perpetrators are. They are then able to best decide how to approach the situation and whether a shut-down of the facility is warranted.”

AirVisual has several large perimeter surveillance projects underway, using the IntelliViewer system, at the Monterey Peninsula Airport in California and with multiple public agencies in New Jersey, including the Jersey City Police Department and in the City of Chicago.

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