LA County Sheriff’s Department Standardizes on DVTel iSOC Platform

April 19, 2006
New iSOC V5 open standards security platform debuts at ISC West show

Las Vegas, NV and Ridgefield Park, NJ, April 5, 2006 -- DVTel Inc., multiple award-winning market leader in the development and delivery of intelligent security solutions over IP networks, today announced that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has standardized on the intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) security platform as Los Angeles County continues the rollout of upgraded security systems and management to its many facilities.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department plans to install iSOC at upwards to 10 prisons, stations, administrative buildings, and parking lots—eventually comprising hundreds of cameras. Both County IT and end user staffs were impressed with the DVTel system’s flexibility and scalability, as well the quality of video, MPEG-4 compression and robust storage. Staff found the system easy to use and requiring little training. Because of the iSOC’s open architecture, LA County has benefited from ease of installation, savings on utilizing legacy hardware, and continued savings from the freedom to choose whatever new hardware they want as the system rollout continues.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s installation of the iSOC platform is representative of the many benefits in system performance and cost effectiveness that the thousands of DVTel end users experience. The DVTel offer becomes even more comprehensive and robust with the release of iSOC V5, debuting at ISC West in Las Vegas, at booth #25071.

The iSOC V5

DVTel’s flagship intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) V5 is the first IP-based, open standards platform that unifies all video, audio, data, access control, and alarm management functionality and requirements into one command and control center.

The iSOC V5 brings together network video management, access control, video analytics, data mining, intrusion detection, perimeter fence detection, building automation, geographical mapping, radar tracking and much, much more. Together with DVTel's award winning Adaptive Visualization Technology (AVTâ„¢) for visual analytics, the iSOC V5 represents the only 100% IP solution on the market today.

As an end-to-end digital solution, the iSOC leverages existing cameras, intercoms, access control, and storage devices, along with off-the-shelf network and computer equipment. iSOC V5 is a significant departure from the "bolted together" integrations that define today's security landscape. With its command and control dashboard, iSOC V5 supports seamless authentication, administration, monitoring, recording, event propagation, and control of all video, access control, audio, automation, multi-source data, and credential creation assets throughout the WAN/LAN environment.

DVTel is the solution of choice worldwide for mission critical, homeland security and defense installations because of our fully integrated command and control operating platform. DVTel systems are found in thousands of installations around the globe ranging from casinos to prisons, Fortune 500 companies to local municipalities, and in airports, seaports, railways, and nuclear power stations.