AD Group—Parent Company of Dedicated Micros—Acquires Baxall Camera Business

Sept. 26, 2007

Chantilly, VA, September 24, 2007—AD Group – the parent company of Dedicated Micros Inc.—has announced that it has acquired Baxall Limited, through its appointed administrators, KPMG Corporate Restructuring. The acquisition includes the company’s intellectual property, current inventory, as well as the production equipment, which will ensure the smooth transition of the cameras into the Dedicated Micros suite of video surveillance product and solutions offerings.

The Baxall products, which will now be marketed and sold by Dedicated Micros, include all variants of the popular ICE-Dome cameras that incorporate a sophisticated 3-axis GyroView set-up allowing the camera to be positioned to cover any aspect of a scene. One of the standout lines from this range is the award winning ICED-HyperDome which is well suited for high contrast daylight/interior scenes such as those found in building entrance. This industry-leading capability ensures that individuals can be readily identified instead of just producing a silhouette image of a target. Hyper D technology is available in ICE, ICED and ICED – VR (Baxall’s brand new Vandal Resistant Dome products).

“This acquisition represents the continuous commitment of our Group to bring innovative technologies to the security industry along with creating interoperable solutions easing the integration,” said Dr. Alan E. Calegari, President and CEO for Dedicated Micros Inc. Americas Region. “Adding the core competency of this very critical component in video management applications will allow Dedicated Micros to bring the market applications that are valuable—both commercially and technologically.”

Dedicated Micros will continue to sell Baxall’s high resolution ICE and ICE+ camera series. The company plans to integrate its NetVu connected technology into the ICE IP series, but will sell the existing cameras until the integration is complete.

"This is an extremely important deal which significantly strengthens our CCTV Camera offering and - more importantly for our customers - allows us to supply a true end-to-end CCTV solution,” said Nigel Petrie, Chairman of AD Group. “We believe that the Baxall cameras, combined with the benefits of NetVu Connected seamless interoperability and deep integration inherent in all AD Group digital products, complete the most powerful CCTV range in the marketplace available from a single source.”

As part of the agreement, which covers all regions except for Australia/New Zealand, a number of Baxall's staff will be employed within AD Group, including some from the camera development team, to ensure that the company is in a position to further develop the acquired products. AD Group and Dedicated Micros also appreciates the concerns of existing Baxall customers and is committed to providing full warranty support for the camera lines which fall under the agreement, for products shipped within the last six months of Baxall trading.

AD Group has confirmed that research and development for Baxall ICE mini-domes and cameras will be based at its Daresbury headquarters, while production lines and associated equipment are now being shipped to the company’s main manufacturing facility in Malta.

For more information on the full range of Baxall cameras now offered by Dedicated Micros, please visit