SANYO Unveils "You're Already IP-Ready” Network Solutions Strategy

Sept. 26, 2007
Strategic Engineering and Development Applies To New & Existing SANYO Cameras

Las Vegas, Nevada (September 24, 2007) – SANYO Security Systems, a division of SANYO Fisher Company, held a press conference here at ASIS 2007 to announce their ongoing product development strategy for facilitating the migration of all SANYO customers to an IP-based platform at any time they are ready to do so.

"You're already IP-ready with SANYO means that every SANYO Pan-Focus and new pan-tilt-zoom camera is engineered and built to be IP-ready, even if it is an analog camera in a fully analog installation," said Frank Abram, Vice President and General Manager, SANYO Security Products Division. "The simple addition of a specially engineered IP board can be done in minutes. There is no need to rip and replace entire systems, and the conversion can be done at the place most convenient and cost effective for the user – at their installation site."

According to Mr. Abram, SANYO has been pursuing this strategy for the past several years since the initial design phases of Pan-Focus technology and pan-tilt-zoom camera systems. By adopting the concept of enabling a seamless migration to a networked platform directly into the engineering process of every new SANYO camera, the company has eased the burden of deciding when, if and how to make this potentially disruptive and costly transition off the shoulders of every video surveillance customer.

"SANYO has always been dedicated to serving the needs of our customers in more ways than simply offering a comprehensive suite of video surveillance solutions," said Mr. Abram. "With this development strategy, we are showing that SANYO maintains the big picture in mind when it comes to the surveillance market. There are many manufacturers who offer analog cameras that can be physically connected to a network. Our units differ in that they are truly IP-ready cameras that can become part of a fully networked system with the quick and easy addition of a SANYO IP board."

"This is one more example of SANYO's continuing commitment to the evolution of technology in harmony with the way customers actually use our products and based on their changing needs," concluded Mr. Abram. "It's the philosophy behind our theme, 'go to the horizon' -- more possibilities without limitations."

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