Datastrip DSVIIs Integrate Biometric Software to Generate AFIS-compatible Fingerprint Records

Sept. 25, 2007
NISTPack enables the DSVIIs to capture and submit fingerprint records that meet electronic fingerprint transmission specification standards

EXTON, Pa. (September 24, 2007) — Datastrip Inc. has announced that its DSVII handheld identity verification devices are now being integrated with Aware Inc.'s NISTPack biometric software development suite. The NISTPack enables the DSVIIs to capture and submit fingerprint records that meet electronic fingerprint transmission specification standards for instant ID verification that is compatible with state and federal automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS).

Aware's NISTPack provides the DSVIIs with all of the components of a mobile ID verification solution. It enables the DSVII to generate, view, edit and print FBI-format fingerprint records more quickly for AFIS comparison. NISTPack's biometric software tools ensure that digitized fingerprint images are compressed properly and that demographic data is included in the correct format. The resulting file is constructed properly for compatibility with U.S. state and federal AFIS.

All DSVII fingerprint records generated with NISTPack software support the American National Standards Institute/National Institute of Standards and Technology standard, as well as agency specific implementation of the standard. The NISTPack Validation File allows the DSVII to support agency specific applications for handheld ID verification by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Interpol, Schengen Information System and other agencies worldwide.

About the DSVIIs The DSVII Series provides field-proven, on-the-spot personal identity verification by combining contact and contactless smartcard readers, a 500 dpi UPEK fingerprint sensor for instant biometric matching, and a high-resolution digital touchscreen display. DSVIIs are the first single fingerprint capture devices approved for purchase by federal agencies under the General Services Administration's FIPS 201 evaluation program. They also are approved under the HSPD standard for Homeland Security applications. For its work with the DSVII, Datastrip won Frost & Sullivan's Product Innovation of the Year Award for the smartcards market in 2006.

About Datastrip Inc. Datastrip Inc., Exton, Pa., is a world leader in field-proven mobile security identification and verification. Together with market leading biometric and information technology vendors, Datastrip specializes in providing secure portable information and ID solutions that provide on-the-spot verification of credentials from any individual. The Datastrip product line supports biometric fingerprint matching, as well as contact-based and contactless ID cards such as national ID cards and passports.

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