J.A.M. Plastics' Badging and Accessory Core Product Lines on Display at ASIS 2007

Sept. 24, 2007
Products range from reels to ticketholders to new lanyard solutions

Las Vegas, NV (September 24, 2007) - J.A.M. Plastics, Inc., is displaying their extensive core line of premium quality badging products and accessories at this year's ASIS. Recognized throughout the industry for its exceptional quality, J.A.M. Plastics continues to enhance its offering with new and innovative badging solutions to meet continually evolving needs of its customers.

"While J.A.M. Plastics will always look for technology advances and innovations to further differentiate our badging solutions, we will continue to fully support the core products that J.A.M. is known best for," said Mitja Linss, Channel Marketing Manager, J.A.M. Plastics. "Our badge holders, badge reels, lanyards, ID badge supplies and self-expiring ID badges are the heart of our product offering and will always be very important to this company."

The complete line of badging supplies shown by J.A.M. Plastics at ASIS includes the Premium Badge Reel, designed to keep ID cards facing forward. With an imprint area 95% larger than standard badge reels, Premium Badge Reels are available with multiple clip and end-fitting styles and are so durable, they're guaranteed for life. Also featured at ASIS are J.A.M. Plastics' Premium Grade Badge Holders, heavy duty

clip-on or hanging holders made from top quality tear-resistant vinyl which can be custom imprinted.

J.A.M. Plastics' signature product, the No-Flip Lanyard, is guaranteed to keep ID badges facing forward. Available in a wide range of colors, the No-Flip Lanyard is customizable and comes with a newly designed safety break-away and slider. Finally, the new Ticket Holder protects concert, theater and other tickets from dust and tearing and holds them securely in a base so they can be put on display as mementos.