Brady People ID Launches New Line Of Personal Accessories

Sept. 24, 2007
New offerings make ideal promotional giveaways

Las Vegas, NV (September 24, 2007) – Brady People ID, the industry's leading supplier of people identification solutions, introduced three new products here at ASIS 2007 designed to add an improved level of convenience to everyday activities. Making their debut are the TicketKeeperZ™ Holder and accompanying TicketKeeperZ Stand, the Water Bottle Holder in three different styles and the Bank Card Holder for pocket or purse.

"While it's been said we can change the world with two hands, sometimes two hands just aren't enough and a third hand in the form of a holder can really be of great help," said Bill Kieckhafer, Brady People ID. "This was the impetus behind the development and introduction of a new category of products that can help ease the frustration of trying to carry, display, reach for or juggle a multitude of items. Our new personal accessories can be used at work or play, and when ordered with custom printing make ideal promotional giveaways."

Available in four sizes, the TicketKeeperZ is a semi-rigid, clear acrylic holder designed to be used with a lanyard that features welded edges for displaying and protecting a special event ticket. The accompanying diamond shaped TicketKeeperZ Stand, available in black or frosted ABS plastic, accommodates all four Holder sizes and allows the user to prominently display as well as protect the special event ticket. TicketKeeperZ holders and stands can also be imprinted for personal customization.

Three styles of Water Bottle Holders, including two aluminum alloy carabiner styles and a lanyard style, provide a convenient, hands-free way to carry bottled water. The holders are made of rugged woven polypropylene material and accommodate bottles with necks up to six inches in diameter. Water Bottle Holders' straps and the carabiners can even be custom printed for special events and promotions.

To avoid replacement fees for lost or damaged bank/ATM cards, users can now store their cards in a Brady People ID Bank Card Holder. Made of polypropylene plastic, the Bank Card Holder securely holds and protects any credit-card sized card which can easily be removed using the two thumb notches. Custom imprint them with your company logo or message for promotions and premium give-aways.