Aaditya Devarakonda appointed CEO of Dedrone

Aug. 10, 2020
Company elevates Devarakonda to top leadership position and board member

SAN FRANCISCO – August 6, 2020, Dedrone, the market leader in airspace security technology, is delighted to announce Aaditya Devarakonda (AD) has been elected Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of Dedrone, effective August 6, 2020.

AD joined Dedrone’s advisory team in 2019, then formally joined the company as President and Chief Business Officer in 2020. He takes over from Joerg Lamprecht, who co-founded Dedrone, led the company since its establishment in 2014, and will now serve as Executive Chairman.

Reflecting on his appointment, AD shares, “I am proud to lead this accomplished team. On behalf of myself and Dedrone, we wish to express our appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Lamprecht, for his support and leadership. Joerg established and built our remarkable company with his co-founders, Rene Seeber and Ingo Seebach, and I am excited to continue their vision of airspace security. Dedrone’s future is bright and we are thankful Joerg will remain close at hand to support this next chapter in our company’s success.” 

Dedrone Executive Chairman and co-founder Joerg Lamprecht offers, “AD is the ideal leader for Dedrone as the company looks to scale and remain the top global provider of airspace security technology. I am especially proud of how well AD has led Dedrone during his first few months at the company, through an unprecedented global crisis. AD’s focus, energy and exceptional business acumen will serve our company and customers. I am proud of what our team has built since Dedrone’s establishment in 2014 and look forward to the future of Dedrone.”  

On behalf of Dedrone's board, Venky Ganesan, Partner at Menlo Ventures, shares, “We have known AD for over a year now; his leadership over the last 6 months is clearly visible throughout the company and to customers and investors outside. His vision and execution in a very tough market was a clear sign to the board that he would be the right person to lead the company. We could not be happier that he has accepted the role.” 

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