iQ-Nose Gas Leak Detection from iOmniscient

Oct. 4, 2012
Combines ability to see and smell the gas

iOmniscient is pleased to announce the launch of iQ-Nose, a highly intelligent system capable of detecting the smell of a chemical through its unique composition. iOmniscient’s primary focus has always been on the analysis of video and consequently has been heralded as the international leader in Video Analytics with the patented ability to perform complex detection and identifications in difficult scenes. By combining the ability to SEE and SMELL the gas there is a much higher probability of detecting dangerous or suspicious chemicals.

iQ-Nose is particularly effective for detecting potential safety hazards caused by the leak of gases in chemical plants, oil and gas refineries and manufacturing. If the gas cloud is visible this can be detected by the video analytics system. However some gases are invisible and therefore require smell detection as provided by iQ-Nose.

Today iQ-Nose has a portfolio of chemicals that it can detect. Like all iOmniscient’s intelligent systems it can be trained to detect new chemicals which are relevant to the environment. Alongside iOmniscient’s iQ-Smoke & Fire System, which is able to detect smoke or fire even in outdoor environments or areas with high ceilings where conventional smoke detector systems would not work, the iQ-Nose system constitutes another tool for increasing the safety in chemical plants.

iOmniscient’s system enables the operator to take preventive action. Gas leaks can have disastrous consequences. As with many iOmniscient systems iQ-Nose system is designed to save lives and protect expensive plant assets.

About iOmniscient
iOmniscient is the technology leader in Video Analytics with its internationally patented technology for analyzing complex and crowded scenes. iOmniscient, whose technology has won multiple international awards, provides the most comprehensive suite of Detection and Recognition systems with all systems armed with its Artificial Intelligence based Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) to help eliminate false alarms while maintaining detection accuracy. With its extensive industry experience, the company has also developed over 30 unique industry solutions.

As a pioneer in Video Analytics with over 10 years of commercial experience, iOmniscient is dedicated to maintaining its global leadership by continuing to develop revolutionary and intelligent surveillance technology.