GE Introduces CTX 9400 DSi Explosives Detection System

Nov. 28, 2006
Newest GE CTX system enhances performance and delivers first on-board sensor fusion capability for checked bag screening

Washington, D.C. – November 28, 2006 – GE Homeland Protection Inc., a business of GE Security, Inc., a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of the General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE), today announced the CTX 9400 DSi, the newest addition to its popular CTX 9000 product line of checked-bag explosives detection systems (EDS) at the National Safe Skies Alliance 4th International Aviation Security Technology Symposium in Washington, D.C.

GE's CTX 9400 DSi offers customers the potential for reduced false alarm rates, increased operational throughput, reduced operational costs and increased uptime as part of the first step in a new multi-generational product plan for the CTX 9000 product line. GE's multi-generational CTX plan allows customers to choose the CTX 9400 as either new equipment or, thanks to backward compatibility, as an upgrade to existing CTX 9000 units. GE expects that future additional upgrades will provide customers with the opportunity to continually improve performance and extend the lives of their GE systems.

The CTX 9400 DSi is the first aviation security device to allow "active" participation in a sensor-fused network, which can dramatically improve effectiveness by sharing data among sensors. Sensor fusion allows networked systems to modify their operation based on these inputs. Sensor-fusion integrations, such as the recently announced combined CTX 9000 DSi/XRD 3500 system-of-systems, can add significantly to screening effectiveness and efficiency.

"GE's CTX 9400 DSi and the new multi-generational plan are game-changing industry additions that reflect our commitment to helping customers worldwide perform more effective, less costly and more efficient baggage screening," said Dennis Cooke, president of GE Security's Homeland Protection business. "Not only is the CTX 9400 a smart choice for security operators today, the life- and value-extending enhancements included in the CTX multi-generational plan ensure it will continue to deliver value – and system improvements – well into the future."

While maintaining the industry's only TSA-certified one-meter end-to-end tunnel system, the CTX 9400 DSi delivers improved explosives detection; lower operating costs; reduced false alarm rates; higher operational throughput; improved reliability, uptime, and time between critical failures; as well as improved local and remote diagnostics and multiplexing. The CTX 9400 DSi is compatible with current and future multiplexing software.