L-3 Communications Introduces New MVT-HR Automatic Explosives Detection System

Nov. 3, 2004
Designed for aviation usage, system offers high throughput and advanced imaging, product has gained approval with UK Department for Transportation

L-3 Security and Detection Systems, a subsidiary of L-3 Communications, will introduce its new Multi-View Tomography High Resolution (MVT-HR) automated systems for explosives detection at the AVSEC World 2004 aviation security symposium in Vancouver B.C., Canada. The new MVT-HR provides unmatched imaging capabilities and boasts the highest throughput available in the aviation explosives screening industry today. The MVT-HR will augment the company's growing automated technology (AT) product line and has recently obtained approval from the United Kingdom's Department for Transport (DfT).

The MVT-HR improves upon the accuracy and performance of L-3's successful MVT, with standard features such as a unique high-resolution imaging capability for improved and unmatched threat resolution and Transparent Color which provides crisp, defined color images that are easier to view and analyze. The MVT-HR is equipped with an additional X-ray imaging subsystem which provides operators with a high resolution view of screened baggage. The MVT-HR is also line replaceable with L-3's MVT and VIS-M systems therefore minimizing any impact to baggage handling systems for customers who seek to upgrade their existing integrated screening equipment.

"By enhancing the images of screened bags, the next generation MVT-HR makes it easier for operators to identify threats, without sacrificing the system's high throughput rate," said Allen Barber, L-3 Security and Detection Systems General Manager. "The MVT-HR is especially suited for high-traffic facilities, such as large airports, where neither security nor efficiency can be compromised." About the MVT-HR (Multi-View Tomography High Resolution) System

* The MVT-HR is approved by the United Kingdom's Department for Transport (DfT).

* L-3's new proprietary image processing technique, Transparent Color(tm) provides clear, crisp images with clarity unparalleled in the industry and absent of any halo effects or other image artifacts, while reducing color noise and eye fatigue.

* The MVT-HR maintains the same overall length as the L-3 MVT and VIS-M automated technology (AT) systems, allowing easy substitution for users looking to upgrade systems.

* The detection software of the MVT-HR automatically adapts to screen objects encompassing even the longest (out-of-gauge) luggage such as skis and golf clubs up to 250 cm (98.4 inches) long, reducing the need for manual searches.

* The MVT-HR is capable of screening up to 1800 bags or parcels per hour - the highest throughput available in the aviation industry today.

* The MVT-HR offers a high-resolution image to operators that provides the best available on-screen threat resolution and analysis capability in its class.

* The high-resolution image of the MVT-HR is provided by an additional and dedicated X-ray imaging subsystem which operates at higher currents and sample rates using a fine-pitch detector array.

* The high signal-to-noise ratio of the MVT-HR's imaging subsystem provides an image with a very high dynamic range allowing for simultaneous display of lightly attenuating and very dense materials.

* The MVT-HR software accurately measures mass, density, atomic number (Zeff) and other physical characteristics of objects using multiple, independent X-ray sources, each with a different viewing angle.