Podcast Recap: The evolving role of access control in today’s connected world

July 2, 2024
Access control expert Lee Odess discusses digital transformation, COVID-19, and how users can maximize ROI with their access control systems.

The access control industry occupies an interesting niche in the security market. Innovations in access control were sidelined when confronted with advancements in artificial intelligence and video analytics, lending to the belief that the industry was slow and stagnant. Recent developments, however, have made utilizing modernized access control systems for data analytics a very attractive option for businesses.

In this recent episode of SecurityDNA, host Steve Lasky of SecurityInfoWatch.com is joined by Lee Odess, the Access Control Executive Brief’s prolific industry analyst, to discuss how the global impact of COVID-19 and digital transformation has driven innovation in the industry, the state of a security landscape rife with mergers and acquisitions, and the opportunities businesses and users have to maximize ROI with their access control systems.

Odess: “We are becoming an enterprise software industry that bridges the physical and logical sides of the world–we’re finally seeing the Internet of Things turn into something.”

In the access control world, Odess’ expertise is well-heeded. A respected voice in the industry, Odess’ monthly Access Control Executive Brief provides security professionals with unbiased industry insights, trends and analysis, as well as company-specific strategies for transforming their access control approach. Through his efforts, he strives to cultivate a global access control community.

Find this month’s episode of SecurityDNA here.


  • How Odess’ background and philosophy led him to become one of the most influential voices in the access control sphere,
  • Why digital transformation and COVID-19 have had an enormous impact on the evolution of access control as we know it,
  • What non-security benefits can be gained by implementing smart access and visitor management systems,
  • And how security teams can approach the replacing of legacy systems to maximize ROI with modernized access control.


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Samantha Schober | Associate Editor

Samantha Schober is associate editor of SecurityInfoWatch.com.