Webinar: The New Normal - Best Practices for Mitigating COVID-19 Health Risks in a K-12 Environment

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The upcoming school year, if it commences, will be anything but typical. As schools reopen in the fall, school administrators are scrambling to create and provide clear procedures for mitigating the existing risk of COVID-19 and ensuring they have a contingency plan in place in case the coronavirus reemerges in full force. From a security student welfare perspective, security and risk leaders will be expected to be fully engaged and able to balance security and safety with a healthy and productive environment. Having a clear and transparent COVID-19 mitigation plan will be critical.

This webinar will discuss how school districts and administrators can construct their virus risk mitigation blueprint using CDC, federal, state and local guidelines. Experts will discuss potential modifications that will be needed on the technology front as facilities look for touchless and frictionless options for access control. 

Key Learning Points:

  • How do the CDC guidelines affect your school facilities
  • Tips for cleaning and maintaining healthy entrance systems throughout your school
  • Considerations for preparing your school for return after COVID-19
  • Access control considerations and upgrades that can positively impact a healthy learning environment 
  • Communicating your access control plan to school boards, teachers, administration and parents
  • Best practices to implement for a safer education environment