GVI and Samsung Partner for School Video Security Initiative

July 3, 2007
Companies to target rapidly growing school security market

CARROLLTON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GVI Security Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB:GVSS), a leading provider of video security surveillance solutions, today announced the launch of a new School Video Security Initiative in partnership with Samsung Electronics.

The School Video Security Initiative is designed to provide a selected suite of CCTV video security solutions configured for the educational institutional environment in response to the growing need to provide rapid security response and help protect students, teachers, staff and facilities from the ongoing threat of violence.

"Our extensive, ongoing relationship with Samsung Electronics made them the natural partner for us in the School Video Security Initiative," said GVI Chief Executive Officer Steven Walin. "Working with Samsung on this partnership allows us to offer product specification optimization for the School Security Initiative. This is a growing market segment which provides us with substantial opportunity for the company to exceed $27 million in Samsung Electronics product purchases for 2007 with a 20% or better annual growth rate moving forward."

Developed in response to growing demand from school districts and educational institutions, the School Video Security Initiative provides a unique regional based solution where GVI's representation partner network of experienced security specialist firms have the local presence to provide the customized service and immediate response that school districts require while also drawing on the nationwide base and technology expertise that GVI and Samsung provide.

"We have seen a rapidly growing demand from school districts over the past year," said Michael D. Capulli, GVI Security Solutions Sr. VP of Sales, North America. "Substantial, ongoing projects from large school districts including the Chesterfield County and Sarasota County have made it clear that this is a rapidly growing market vertical with multi-billion dollar potential which dovetails perfectly with our growing regional distribution partner network to provide the best of both worlds to our educational institution customers, a local presence that the district officials are comfortable and familiar with combined with the strength and reliability of top tier products from the strong international CCTV partnership between GVI and Samsung."

Other providers in the fast growing school security market include Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) products from MDI Inc. (Nasdaq:MDII) and Vicon Industries (AMEX:VII).