ADT Offers Free Security Checklist and Site Assessment for Schools

Feb. 24, 2006
Company offers security analysis to concerned administrators

With constant concerns from phoned-in bomb threats, to graffiti to school shootings or even kidnapping attempts, school security can never lets its guard down. To help guard against these kinds of incidents and more, ADT Security Services is offering a free site analysis and security checklist program to make sure our nation's schools understand their security needs.

ADT, best known for its residential alarm division, is offering its commercial security services division as a free resource to U.S. schools. Specifically, the company has developed a 12-step checklist that schools can use, but the company is also offering a complimentary site assessment to schools that complete the checklist. Assessments would be performed by ADT school security professionals.

According to ADT, the checklist not only looks at general campus vulnerabilities, but also gets into the use of surveillance cameras, property protection, and entry point access control.

Former D.C. Schools security director Patrick Fiel serves as ADT's public safety advisor and says the new program will help school administrators understand their unique security needs.

“This will give schools a clear idea of the specific challenges they face and the available choices they have to address them," said Fiel.

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