Now Open for Nominations: The New Security Innovator Awards

Feb. 20, 2023
This new program from SecurityInfoWatch will shine a light on individuals who created tangible and positive change for their businesses, organizations, and the industry

**Submissions for the 2023 Innovator Award are now closed. Honorees will be announced in the July issue of Security Business magazine and the July/August digital issue of Security Technology Executive (STE) magazine.** 

The various stakeholders in the security industry are on the cutting edge, constantly innovating new technologies, installations, designs, procedures and more., Security Business and Security Technology Executive magazines want to honor these efforts with the launch of a new annual program, the Security Innovator Awards. 

These awards will honor visionary individuals across the spectrum of the security industry, including integrators, consultants, end-users and manufacturers. This no-cost awards program is focused on the people (not organizations) who transform, modernize or otherwise make a tangible impact on our industry as a whole. Here are some examples, but the limit is only your imagination:

  • Did someone devise a new or innovative way to deploy a technology solution for a customer?
  • Did someone step up during a crisis or other emergency situation?
  • Did someone uncover a more efficient way to respond to an emergency or security incident?
  • Did a member of your organization go above and beyond to have a positive impact in the community or for our industry, such as mentoring or other community building?
  • Did someone at your organization develop a new, game-changing technology, feature or standard that is poised to impact the industry?
  • Is someone spearheading a new and innovative way to use an existing technology?   
  • Did someone develop a new way to measure success?

“Innovation and advancements in technology are crucial for ensuring that new products, solutions and services can be developed, implemented and managed,” explains SecurityInfoWatch Editorial Director Steve Lasky. “The Security Industry Innovator Awards will therefore place emphasis on applauding innovation and reward those individuals who demonstrate an outstanding level of excellence within our vital and constantly evolving industry.”

Do you know someone at your organization who should be honored for their recent achievements? This is your big chance to shine a light on their name and their accomplishments.

How it Works

The Security Innovator Awards are open for nominations now and will close on May 17, 2023. To nominate a colleague, simply fill out the form at – remember, this is an award for individuals, not organizations. There will be no fee to nominate an individual.

Be prepared to list the programs or initiatives the nominee has undertaken to help his or her organization to meet a specific challenge, such as described above. Please describe the impact or results of those initiatives with as much specificity as possible.

For our selection committee to better evaluate each candidate, please include a short bio of the nominee as well, outlining previous experience and other related initiatives, as well as a hi-res headshot.


Honored individuals will be featured in the July issue of Security Business magazine, the July/August issue of Security Technology Executive, and on

There will be an opportunity to upgrade an honoree’s recognition with special packages designed to highlight and enhance the acknowledgement.

All questions should be directed to Editorial Director Steve Lasky: