Nick Stohlman

CCO of SOMA Global

Nick Stohlman is the CCO of SOMA Global, responsible for driving all revenue and maintaining customer relationships. Nick has had the pleasure of serving in public safety at the private, local, state, and federal levels for over 21 years. In his career, he has held positions as Special Agent in Drug Enforcement, Chief Investigator, Chief Deputy Sheriff, State, and Federal Task Forces. In the Private sector, Nick has held executive management positions and duties as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Alert Public Safety Solutions, InterAct Public Safety Systems, and Smart Public Safety Systems. He has managed the sales process for agencies from the two-user system at a local township to County, Major Metropolitan, State, Federal and overseas projects. Nick feels an obligation to provide all public safety agencies with the latest tools in technology in order to increase officer safety and improve the well-being of the citizens they serve.