Innovative Edge Storage Solutions for the Video Surveillance Industry

Dec. 1, 2017
A look at how developers and systems integrators can benefit from Micron's microSD card

Edge storage technology — the recording of video and storing it at the camera or on a directly attached storage device instead of in a centralized recording facility across the network — is quickly gaining acceptance and is being more broadly adopted into IP video surveillance applications.

The use of edge storage in an IP camera enables video surveillance solution developers more flexibility and cost benefits in system design. By leveraging local microSD card-based storage, system integrators can optimize the design for IP network load/capacity availability, recording redundancy and mobile access.

Commercial/industrial video surveillance is a unique 24x7 recording application where readily available consumer/retail microSD cards are most likely not reliable enough; selecting a high-quality microSD card that is designed and firmware-optimized with industry leading camera manufacturers is critical to ensure a reliable, robust and low-maintenance system design.

Click to read this SMARTpaper from Micron which provides guidance to video surveillance professionals on selecting the right edge storage solutions for their designs to help deliver the benefits of edge storage.