AI-Powered Video Analytics

June 28, 2018
An in-depth look at BrainChip's unique AI technology and its applications in security

BrainChip AI-powered technology doesn’t adopt the power-hungry, deep-learning approach of other systems. BrainChip Studio learns on the fly, in real time. What’s more, it uses very little power, so there’s no need for new or upgraded surveillance system infrastructure. The learning curve for operators is therefore short and inexpensive. 

In a recent trial, BrainChip Studio extracted and classified over 500,000 images from eight high-definition camera feeds in 3.5 hours using a standard computer. One senior police inspector put it like this: BrainChip technology “does the work of 16 officers.” 

BrainChip AI frees up human resources so that people can focus on the vital tasks in solving and preventing crimes, leaving the drudgery of detailed forensic video analysis to computers.

Click to read this SMARTpaper from BrainChip to learn more about how AI technology works and how it can be used in real world applications.