SentryPOWER CORE from Sentry View Systems

Oct. 18, 2012
Green Renewable Energy Edge Based All-In-One Solution for Demanding Remote Applications

PHILADELPHIA, PA (September 10, 2012) - Sentry View Systems Inc. ("Sentry View") announces SentryPOWER CORE™ - an all-in-one solution for green, renewable energy to power complete edge based remote surveillance systems. With hybrid, multi-source power inputs, SentryPOWER CORE™ combines the benefits of solar, wind turbine, fuel cell, grid and generator to provide clean, renewable and reliable remote power for remote surveillance and critical infrastructure applications. With multiple battery charge controller inputs, and turnkey integrated communications it provides intelligent all-in-one access to remote surveillance or other sensor data. Not just a power source, SentryPOWER CORE™ includes a web interface for fluid peripheral system access and variety of communications options including secure SATCOM, wireless, IP, cellular and fiber.

SentryPOWER CORE™ is the optimum solution for providing autonomous, renewable power for critical remote systems in challenging environmental locations. When complete situational awareness and 100% dedicated power access is a requirement - SentryPOWER CORE™ is the solution!

• 30 A input and load.
• 3-stage battery charging
• Configurable for 12, 24, and 48 V battery banks.
• Can be used with solar panels, small wind turbines, generators, and grid power.
• Each input/output is individually monitored.
• Configurable for military or commercial power applications.
• Real-time system state and usage monitoring and logging.
• Optional IP, wireless, or fiber system control.
• Standard 19" internal equipment rack for mounting components.
• Heavy-duty NEMA/IP rated vented aluminum enclosure with optional heating and air conditioning.
• Pole, wall, or ground mounting.

About Sentry View Systems

Sentry View Systems, Inc. (SVS) is a lean, agile & adaptive engineering and specialty manufacturing corporationspecializing in creating ideal solutions for demanding, remote applications. We build what no else will, in ways that no one else can. With significant past performance deploying proven solutions to protect hundreds of America's national security sites, Sentry View Systems custom engineers advanced technologies for general surveillance, critical infrastructure protection, and border security applications.

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