Mobile Video Surveillance Meets Surveillance-Grade microSD Cards

March 27, 2020
Growing concern about public safety is prompting wider deployment of video surveillance by government agencies, private organizations, and consumers

A rising demand for mobile video surveillance systems in the transportation sector—including trains and trams, busses, transport vehicles and police automobiles—was valued at $1.4B in 2017, and it is expected to reach $2.7B by 2025 (CAGR of 9%)

With wide implementation of mobile video surveillance systems in these vehicles, a huge volume of data will be generated that will require system optimization among data storage, processing and communication from an end-to-end topology perspective—driving the next innovation in mobile video surveillance solutions.

Mobile video surveillance systems generally fall into two categories: cameras mounted in a vehicle with onboard storage, and cameras connected to a mobile recorder mounted in the vehicle.

In both scenarios, cameras cover the view of driver, passengers and outside activities. In addition to video monitoring, these solutions may be integrated with GPS tracking and other vehicle-related monitoring (such as fuel, speed, temperature, etc.). With system connectivity improvements, it is possible to transmit the data to a centralized management system; however, for cost efficiency and connection reliability reasons , surveillance video archives are typically stored in a local storage device (for example,. mobile recorder) in the vehicle and then synchronized to a central management system upon return to the station. Therefore, a robust storage solution is critical for successful operation of mobile video surveillance systems.

This SMARTpaper from Micron discusses how to select a suitable storage solution for your mobile video surveillance system.

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