SD&I Nov. 2015 Cover Focus: Cut the Cord

Nov. 10, 2015
From video to access control and beyond, wireless technology is making a huge impact on integration, installation and ease of use

Just as every new security product seems to have an app to go with it, each of those products are evolving to include a wireless option as well. In fact, wireless options are available for just about every security technology in your arsenal — from video and access control, to emergency communications, intrusion detection and beyond.

The reason is simple — wireless makes a lot of things easier from an integration, installation and ease of use standpoint. “Wireless deployments have been extremely effective for us,” says Bill Lawrence of integrator CM3 Building Solutions. “They have allowed us to install HD cameras in locations that in the past would have been price-prohibitive in regards to site development.  We find the technology to be solid in function.”

“There has been an increasing need to simplify deployment and reduce costs wherever possible,” adds Henry Hoyne of integrator Northland Controls. “Wireless technology has come a long way and is maturing as technology and innovation progresses.”

As the technology improves, it is vital for security integrators to be able to set up, deploy and ultimately leverage wireless networks for their customers. As important as understanding the different wireless options, is it also vital to understand the types of applications that are most likely to use wireless. In access control, for example, wireless readers are not just used for doors — they also apply to elevators, exit devices, gates and perimeter security.

Wireless solutions work particularly well for large enterprise installations, such as municipal/city applications (especially video surveillance), airports, schools and universities, ports, and healthcare and corporate campuses. “Wireless mesh extended the network out into areas where we typically would not be able to put a network,” Glenn Taylor, Executive Director of integrator Virsig LLC, explained when his firm was contracted to configure and deploy a wireless network in and around Central Park for the 2014 New York City Marathon. “We created a platform that everyone was able to share in order to make the marathon a safer, more secure event.” 

As you travel along the path to greater profits, it makes sense to embrace wireless technology. The following section will help you to better understand the deployment of wireless Ethernet and wireless access control solutions; how wireless has enabled better emergency communications for the emerging house of worship market; and some of the many products that have been impacted by wireless innovation.

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