Panasonic and Pelco form partnership

Feb. 24, 2009
Pelco joins PSDN, will support i-Pro cameras with its video management systems

Longtime competitors in the video surveillance market Pelco and Panasonic are now partners. The companies announced this morning that Pelco has joined the Panasonic Solution Developer Network (PSDN).

Pelco will be supporting Panasonic's i-Pro network camera product line in its IP video security systems and video management platforms. As of now, Pelco supports the Panasonic i-Pro cameras in its Digital Sentry video surveillance management system, but as the company joins the PSDN, it is anticipated that the Endura platform from Pelco will support the i-Pro cameras.

“We are committed to an ‘Open Infrastructure’ and are pleased to work with Pelco and other industry suppliers to meet the demands of end users on a common platform – the IT network,” said J.M. Allain, president of the Panasonic System Solutions Company.

Pelco's director of integration, Dave deLisser, said that the move was part of a general focus for Pelco.

“Delivering open and integrated systems is a cornerstone of Pelco’s product development focus,” said deLisser.

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