Avocado Security solutions used at presidential inauguration

Feb. 6, 2009
Company's video surveillance, business intelligence software utilized during festivities

WASHINGTON, DC - Avocado Security, the world’s pioneer of the first On-Demand Security and BI Optimization Platform, today announced that its product suite, including its Enterprise Edition Version 2.0 Security & Business Intelligence software (BI) Optimization Platform, was utilized by select organizations during 2009 Inauguration festivities. By enhancing video surveillance and video analytics outputs, Avocado Security provided continuity of operation and security optimization for select organizations responsible for facilitating visitors to the Washington DC area during 44th Presidential Inauguration.

"We are honored to be part of this historic moment during Inauguration 2009," said Kevin Shahbazi, CEO of Avocado Security. "We say 'Hail to the Chief' as select organizations that employed Avocado Security’s technology, reported 100% up-time and error free security continuity operation. Avocado Security’s pioneering, enterprise-class offering granted our clients the ability to conduct an optimized security operation, protect an even greater number of assets, and enjoy seamless continuity."

With its unique ability to understand user activity, Avocado Security helps discover, detect, analyze and maximize surveillance security information, regardless of where and when it is generated. Avocado Enterprise V2.0 is designed specifically to be a small-footprint program that uses fewer physical security, IT, and system resources. Avocado Security’s new technology delivers BI with security images by taking the video images from surveillance cameras and translating them into intelligent, usable, business data and statistics.

Additionally, Avocado Security’s platform significantly increases Security Lifecycle Management (SLM) and resources by offering clients access to billions of security images, while reducing access time, and confirming 100% uptime for all security sensors. Examples of data that can be provided include, the number of times an elevator door opened, or the high level of traffic at a particular entrance or exit, or, if more traffic is at the loading dock of a hotel, than at the front entrance lobby. By looking at security monitors and images alone, such information and Business Intelligence (BI) cannot be extracted.

Avocado Security enhances video analytics and converts video surveillance monitoring results from the existing security equipment that comes from one vendor, or from multiple equipment vendors (GE, Honeywell, Bosch, Siemens, Milestone, Nice etc.) and translate those images into usable data. One of the many key technology advantages is that it is security video surveillance device (DVR) agnostic, which enables clients to leverage more life and usage out of their existing security system and infrastructure.

Avocado Security’s technologies can also integrate an organization’s security platform across multiple locations, and can showcase the security details of each location by generating daily, weekly and monthly status reports, empowering security personnel with the information and knowledge that is needed to better manage all of their security needs –in multiple locations. This new technology brings about innovative security and productivity measures for clients who desire to improve their security, operation and IT infrastructure. For more information about Avocado Security’s platform, visit www.avocadosecurity.com.