Safety Vision releases side-view camera

Dec. 7, 2007
SV-622 series side-view camera designed to be installed on vehicles

Houston, TX, December 3, 2007—Safety Vision, a global provider of mobile digital video solutions, today announced the release of the SV-622 series side-view collision avoidance camera. This rugged camera helps increase driver safety and prevent accidents by providing a better view along the right or left side of your vehicle. The extra visibility makes maneuvering larger vehicles easier resulting in more efficiency on the job.

With an aerodynamic design, the SV-622 series is compact and unobtrusive. This versatile camera is capable of multiple mounting possibillities. Adjustable pan/tilt installation allows the camera to be manually positioned to your desired angle and needs. Its weather resistant housing and quality manufacturing allows this camera to withstand extreme driving conditions.

"The SV-622 series has a very finished, aesthetic design and is an ideal alternative to our mirror bracket design. Its flush mount makes it more secure and aerodynamic," says Tom Clark, Safety Vision Account Executive.

Among it’s other features are: infrared technology, a built-in microphone, automatic sensors and an integrated auto iris. Safety Vision’s SV-622 Series has an extra-wide field of view of 120-degree enabling the driver to see multiple lanes over without losing sight of the vehicle body. This allows for optimum visibility, even in difficult conditions.

Safety Vision is a leading global provider of total mobile video solutions including onboard surveillance and collision avoidance camera systems. System features include mobile-rated digital or analog video recorders; rear-, side-, and forward-view interior and exterior cameras; LCD or CRT monitors; built-in audio; and wireless and infrared technology. Safety Vision offers extended service agreements and worldwide field installation. For information: 800-880-8855 or 713-896-6600, [email protected],