GE Security recognized by LAPD

Aug. 13, 2008
Company's video surveillance solutions help reduce crime at Los Angeles park

GE Security, a business of GE Enterprise Solutions, today announced that GE Security’s latest video management systems and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras played a critical role in supporting the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) efforts to create a safer environment for MacArthur Park in Los Angeles and the annual May Day Immigration Rally held there May 1, 2008.

With GE Security’s assistance, the park’s previous security system was upgraded in preparation for the 2008 May Day Immigration Rally to allow for a quicker response to incidents and a safer event environment. RD Systems, a GE Security strategic partner, contributed to the design and implementation of the new security system.

"Our department is extremely grateful to GE Security and their team for providing us with top-of-the-line products and support," said LAPD Deputy Chief Charlie Beck. "Their commitment to providing the right solutions to meet our goals and objectives was unwavering and afforded us greater opportunities for a successful event, while ensuring the safety of those in attendance."

Over the past several years, LAPD’s law enforcement, aided by the presence of GE surveillance systems, has resulted in a steady decline in crime at MacArthur Park. As a result of this year’s upgrade, LAPD awarded certificates of appreciation to GE Security video division commercial leader Kostas Mellos and district manager Bryan Jordan for their efforts in supporting the department.

"GE Security is pleased to receive this recognition from the Los Angeles Police Department," said Dean Seavers, president and CEO, GE Security. "It is our goal to provide law enforcement with the tools, technology and expertise they need to support and maintain safe communities."

The surveillance system used at MacArthur Park and during the May Day Immigration Rally consists of GE Security’s fixed and PTZ cameras connected via fiber optics and wireless transmissions to LAPD’s Rampart Station, a local command and control center several miles from the park. The GE Security system gave all first responders working the rally detailed views over several blocks, allowing them to effectively dispatch law enforcement personnel when needed to any location.