Videolarm introduces IP ready wireless power boxes

Aug. 7, 2008
New power boxes add wireless transmission capability to network IP cameras

The freedom and convenience of wireless data transmission is now possible with Videolarm’s new rapidly deployable 5.8GHz (Mesh) IP Ready Wireless Power Boxes.

Outdoor rated with UL-approved power supply, the 5.8GHz power boxes offer secure, 128-bit encrypted data transmission up to two miles at 54Mbps. Additionally, because the IP ready wireless power boxes operate on the 5.8GHz frequency, the chance of transmission interference is significantly decreased compared to devices operating on 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz frequencies.

Videolarm’s newly introduced 5.8GHz IP Ready Wireless Power Boxes simplify and speed construction of complex wireless camera infrastructures with other IP-based technologies – eliminating costly cable installs and making data transmission almost instantaneous.

"Now surveillance can be quickly and easily established in virtually any location," said David Smith, Videolarm sales manager. "The IP Ready Wireless Power Boxes are the smart solution when challenged with monitoring a remote area that does not have an easily accessible power source or when a rapid deployment is needed and there isn’t time to wait for hard wiring. Our wireless Power Boxes are extremely cost effective and can be installed quickly, providing a reliable power source, with fast, high quality data transmission."

The all new 5.8GHz Wireless Power Box, PB24L58, includes a 96va power supply, designed for either 220vac or 110vac input with 24vac output for the camera, fuse protected and built-in directional and omni-directional antennas. For those applications that require only a wireless receiver / transmitter, Videolarm also offers only a wireless box – VLRL58.

The easy to use, intuitive software provided with both models sync effortlessly with today's leading wireless mesh systems including: AirpathSM , BelAir, Cisco, Firetide, Go, Nortel, SkyPilot, Tropos, and are compatible with cameras from Videolarm or other manufacturers.

Quick and easy to install, the power boxes simply bolt to the back of all Fusion and Vandal Resistant Domes. Bolt on mounts are also available for the Environmental housings. The front swing door design simplifies access for servicing and installation.

The Wireless Power Boxes, protected by Videolarm’s three-year warranty, are ideal for parking lots, schools, traffic monitoring, fire/police/rescue, docks, border patrol and isolated locations.