Cohu's New IP Dome Camera for Outdoor Surveillance

Nov. 6, 2007
Exterior dome camera line offers IP-encoding and high-speed positioner

San Diego, CA -- Cohu Electronics has begun production of an IP-enabled camera with integrated high-speed positioner enclosed in the company's distinctive sealed and pressurized dome. It is designed to be a more reliable and significantly higher performing CCTV camera than conventional dome cameras.

The is an evolution of Cohu's popular i-dome camera line, but with upgraded camera and lens specifications and MPEG4 control and output signal compression. The camera module and compression technology provide additional features and options, including electronic image stabilization, increased optical zoom, polygon masking, and video analytics option.

The addition of an IP encoder, located inside the dome, enables the convergence of all its video and data streams on to one cable. The MPEG4 encoding provides the best quality video with the most efficient bandwidth utilization. The user settings (data mode, frame rate, and resolution) further allow the operator to achieve maximum video streaming within the network environment.

Several design enhancements further improve its reliability. First, the power supply is rated NEMA TS2, which enables the system to operate in "dirty" power conditions. It also meets rigid specifications for superior shock and vibration tolerance.

The comprehensive range of features, options, and configurations make the Cohu Model 3940 the professional's choice for infrastructure security, access control, high-value and at-risk facility surveillance, and process monitoring.

Product details are available from Cohu's website.

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