Bosch Introduces iSCSI RAID Storage for Video over IP Portfolio

Oct. 31, 2006
SCSI over IP devices allow for recording at the edge

Fairport, New York – Marking the beginning of the second generation of Video over IP, Bosch has launched an option for iSCSI RAID storage for its Video over IP portfolio, including the hot-swappable VIP X1600 Video Encoder and Bosch’s IP cameras.

Direct-to-iSCSI RAID is unique to Bosch Security Systems. iSCSI RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) combines the storage and communications worlds – SCSI storage (which uses the SCSI protocol) and the IP network (which uses the TCP/IP protocol). iSCSI is simply SCSI over IP.

The new iSCSI RAID devices can be used to add storage to a system by plugging them directly into the network. There is no NVR (Network Video Recorder) server, NVR software, or Microsoft OS to manage – and there are no patches or virus updates. The video goes directly from the IP camera or encoder to the hard disks.

One of the main benefits of Bosch's unique iSCSI RAID solution is Recording at the Edge, which allows users to attach the iSCSI unit directly to the VIPX1600. This means that up to 6 TB of audio and video can be recorded on a RAID 5 disk array without a single byte of data ever touching the network.

For more information on iSCSI and iSCSI RAID storage, visit the new Bosch IP Web site at