Westec Turns Security Systems into Enterprise-wide Video and Data Business Solutions

May 24, 2006
System combines security video platform with POS integration, media display solutions
WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Westec InterActive, the leader in intelligent video monitoring services, today introduced its Remote Management System (RMS) that turns an existing digital video security system into an enterprise-wide robust, managed video and data network, providing invaluable information for security, marketing and operations functions. Westec is the leader in intelligent business solutions that leverage digital and interactive video to improve safety and business performance.   “Companies are making significant investments in technology to secure their businesses. Now with Westec’s Remote Management System, this investment can also deliver more efficient business operations solutions that maximize the existing security system,” said Mitch Johnson, president of Westec InterActive.   Westec’s RMS platform improves business efficiency via continuous monitoring of installed surveillance equipment, including Westec’s intelligent video recorders (iVR), CCTV cameras and POS system integration.  With technology operating at the optimum level, additional business operations services and non-security applications can be safely layered on the network. Non-security solutions can include Media Display Systems, allowing companies to run rich multimedia content to publicly displayed monitors to intelligent video, providing real-time data on customer traffic, queuing, buyer patterns and much more.  SECURELY MANAGE DVRS: AUTO ALERTS FOR EXCEPTIONS   At the core of Westec’s RMS platform is its concept of digital video recorders as manageable devices.  The RMS platform allows constant bi-directional communication between Westec’s Central Command Centers (c3) and installed systems on the network, enterprise-wide.  The unique RMS network works with static or dynamic IP addresses supporting almost every form of public or private IP network connectivity.    RMS is built around the Microsoft .NET platform and employs an SQL database offering flexible integration with future technologies.  The RMS communication channel is a bi-directional application that is self-aware upon installation.  The architecture of the application supports remote management virtually eliminating truck rolls to the site.   RMS communicates with the remote sites on a schedule from every 5 minutes to once an hour.  These communications offer complete system health checks alerting Westec’s technical support specialist to any exceptions in real-time.   Audit data is collected centrally from the remote Westec iVR servers and is accessible by customers at any time through a password-protected customer Web portal.  This empowers customers to build ad-hoc reports on any device at the remote site from alarm devices, doors, safes, panic buttons, cameras, intelligent video, point-of-sale data and much more.   REMOTELY MANAGE DVRS: REDUCE COSTS AND TIME   The RMS customer portal allows for remote Web-based management of all iVR configuration settings, remote user management and access levels, key customer contact lists, camera settings and store hours. Managing content is easy and can be updated centrally and transmitted to a single iVR or to the entire customer enterprise in real-time.  This gives users the ability to remotely manage from one to all of their sites from Westec’s password-protected customer Web portal.  VIRTUAL CHECKS, REMOTE REPAIR   Virtual Checks - Westec InterActive’s technical specialists receive reports on the status of each customer’s interactive video recorder. Westec’s technical specialists examine the system health, operation of the cameras, and the network infrastructure. When an abnormality is detected, the technical specialist analyzes the system’s performance, runs remote diagnostics and recommends immediate corrective actions.   Remote Repair - From Westec’s centers, technical specialists can quickly review remote systems that report abnormalities and resolve most of the issues, thus eliminating expenses incurred when field technicians are dispatched.  In addition, the RMS service minimizes a customer’s downtime and ensures that digital video evidence is available when needed.   Westec includes RMS with the monthly service package for all new Interactive sites, and it is now available for all stand-alone iVR-based CCTV systems.      Westec delivers interactive and digital video-based business intelligence solutions that enhance operational performance and are proven to positively impact the bottom line.  The pioneer of intelligent video surveillance, Westec combines the latest in digital video technologies with industry-wide experience in delivering solutions that help improve marketing, sales, operations, security, and business planning issues for America’s biggest retailers, restaurant chains, industrial facilities and other businesses.   For more information on Westec InterActive, visit online at www.westecnow.com.