Canadian freight company implements Axis solutions

June 24, 2008
ATS installs new CCTV system to better secure customer goods

Axis Communications, the global leader in the network video market, announced Tuesday that Andlauer Transportation Services LP (ATS) is using 175 of its network cameras and UCIT Online’s DETEXI Network Video Management System software to provide secure environment for customer goods and its trucks at regional Canadian sort centers.

ATS is a leading single source, full-service transportation solutions firm providing integrated trucking, courier, airfreight and value added transportation and distribution services to major retail and healthcare companies in Canada.

UCIT Online, the Axis Canadian System Integrator of the Year (2007), was chosen by ATS to design, configure and install the complete IP Video Security System at all future locations across Canada. ATS has deployed the network surveillance system at five sites, is in the process of adding three more this year and will roll out the systems to all 24 sites across Canada within the next five years. The 175 Axis network cameras include the AXIS 216FD, AXIS 213 PTZ, AXIS 214 PTZ, AXIS 211, AXIS 223M as well as Axis 241Q video encoders.

The AXIS 223M is being used to get a detailed overview of the warehouse and parking lot areas. This mega pixel camera is ideal for covering large areas without compromising on image quality.

According to John Burdett, corporate loss prevention manager for ATS, "Because of our focus on complete customer care, we are relentless about protecting the value of goods in our possession. Since we installed the network surveillance system, we have been able to keep thefts of trucks and goods at an absolute minimum. Potential thieves are now aware of our high level of security and are heavily discouraged from committing crimes. In addition, network cameras also enable us to monitor potential safety issues."

In one example, ATS had found a 53-foot trailer had been burglarized more than once. After installing an Axis network camera with a specialized lens that handles all lighting conditions, the burglaries stopped.

The Detexi Network Video Management Software has allowed ATS to reduce the number of onsite guards, which has resulted in huge savings.

Prior to the new network surveillance system, ATS used an analog system but found image quality deficient and lacking in flexibility when it wanted to either add or redeploy cameras.

"We wanted to future proof the company and so sought an advanced network surveillance system that would meet our needs years from now," added Burdett. "Now we can easily add cameras to any area that is networked, move them around as needed and can monitor the entire system from a single location in Toronto aided by alerts that let us know when someone is entering a restricted area. In addition, the system is easy enough for all of our security personnel to use with very minimal training."

"Transportation companies like ATS that are entrusted to secure valued customer goods are increasingly turning to network camera systems from Axis and its partners," said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications Inc. "Our network video products offer tremendous flexibility while high-quality images leave no room for misinterpretation. We are delighted to be working with UCIT Online in serving the needs of ATS."