Tech Data Selects IPVison Software for Physical Security Integration

May 4, 2006
Company's IP video software to be implemented in a full security management software system

TAMPA, Fla. - IPVision Software (IPVS), LLC, headquartered in Tampa, FL, has been selected by Tech Data Corporation as the Security Information Management (SIM) software vendor to support the launch of their recently announced Physical Security SBU, delivering an array of physical security and access-control solutions.

Per Tech data's 4/18/06 press release:

"Much of the physical security market is quickly moving away from traditional analog devices to IP-enabled networked technologies," said Annette Taber, director, Tech Data's Advanced Technologies Group. "That presents both networking VARs and security system installers with new revenue opportunities as they each leverage existing skill sets and customer bases to build a digital security business."

According to Mark Felberg, IPVS founder and CEO, "IPVision Software is much more than simply network-camera recording software. The added value we afford to physical security integrators is our software's capacity to provide an IP management architecture that allows flexible integration with the new wave of IP-based access controls, SCADA equipment, and VOIP. The IPVS team all have backgrounds in IT and enterprise software development. We understand the value of non-proprietary scalable open systems architecture and standard database back-ends. We are very excited about being selected by Tech Data. We're confident that this rapidly emerging market will leverage our software as the glue to make it all work together."

IPVS engineers and distributes IP-based SIM software designed to globally integrate all of the components of a distributed physical security system.

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