Bosch's FlexiDome Cameras Upgraded to New Imaging Technologies

Sept. 25, 2006
Cameras to feature 15-bit imaging and XF Dynamic Wide Range

Fairport, NY -- Bosch Security Systems, a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security systems and components, has incorporated its award-winning 15-bit Dinion digital imaging and XF-Dynamic (wide dynamic range) technologies into its popular FlexiDome family of domed surveillance cameras. The rugged, unobtrusive dome-shaped FlexiDome cameras, ideal for almost any hazardous indoor and outdoor location, deliver exceptional detail and picture quality, even in extreme weather or lighting conditions. With 540 TVL high-resolution imaging, the cameras make identification easier and help security personnel interpret live or recorded activity more quickly.

The compact, robust FlexiDome cameras include several models ranging from economy offerings (indoor, low impact) to high performance (indoor/outdoor, high impact). All FlexiDome cameras easily handle difficult lighting conditions, both day and night. To counteract challenging natural or artificial light conditions, the cameras incorporate a full set of intelligent features including Auto Black to reduce the effects of fog or glare, NightSense to compensate for fading light and backlight compensation to allow for clear viewing of entrances and exits.

High performance models of the new FlexiDome cameras also feature XF-Dynamic for extended distance viewing, SensUp, to maintain contrast and color clarity in low light levels and IR-sensitive Day/Night for the best all-around 24-hour performance.

Even in the worst weather conditions, the enclosure for FlexiDomeXT+, FlexidomeXF and FlexidomeDN is weatherproof, vandal-resistant and rated by IP66 and NEMA-4X. In addition, the new FlexiDome models offer a choice of high quality varifocal lenses. A scratch-resistant coating with UV block protects the camera's patented dome shape from deterioration and excessive glare.