iOmniscient Releases Specialized Intelligent Security Upgrade for Rail Systems

April 5, 2006
Analytics detects people on tracks, people too close to edge of platform

Recognizing the potential risks involved with crowded train platforms iOmniscient has developed a comprehensive Railway Application to increase the safety of all railway stations. The application is an addition to the IQ-Infinity and will assist security operators in detecting not only people on the train tracks but also people who get too close to the edge of the platform whilst waiting at busy railway stations.

The motivation came when several international clients expressed the need to detect people crossing the safety line on the platform, potentially risking a fall or a bump that could find the person falling onto the tracks.

The Railway Application differs from standard perimeter protection in that it is smart enough to know when a train is at the platform at which time it will ignore people who cross the safety line while setting off alarms when there is no train present. The system can set off an alarm if a person crosses the safety line and a more significant alarm if he actually gets on the track. Alarms can potentially activate a PA announcement, along the lines of “passengers are reminded to stand behind the yellow line”.

The IQ-Infinity is the most comprehensive intelligent safety and security system available for use on railway platforms. Complementing the Railway Application are others capabilities including:

  • Crowd management which alerts on overcrowding
  • Slip & fall detection
  • Detection of suspicious behavior such as running and loitering
  • Intrusion detection to detect people within the tunnels, despite low lighting conditions
  • Nuisance Alarm Minimization Systems which assist in ignoring disturbances caused by the passing of trains, light changes due to train headlights and other phenomenon that could potentially cause nuisance alarms
  • The most popular applications continue to be graffiti and vandalism detection as well as the detection of suspicious abandoned objects such as bags or packages, the reason being that only iOmniscient can effectively detect these in the busy and crowded environment of a train station.

    iOmniscient has been recognized as the leader in Intelligent Video Surveillance having won major Security Industry Awards in the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. iOmniscient’s Non Motion Detection (NMD) products are the only products on Earth that can accurately operate in crowded scenes despite heavy motion and obscuration and is revolutionizing the way in which surveillance is being performed globally.

    Based on Artificial Intelligence, iOmniscient’s range of intelligent video analysis software has been implemented at many sites around the world. iOmniscient is on the web at