Sentry 360 Unveils FullSight IP Camera

Sept. 24, 2007
The world's first 5-megapixel 360-degree intelligent surveillance camera

Sentry 360 Security, world leader in 360-degree technology, today announced a blockbuster launch of a new camera with a combination of unprecedented technology, size, and resolution. FullSight IP is the industry’s first compact, five megapixel, immersive 360-degree camera with on-board video analytics. Through its wide-angle lens, FullSight IP Camera monitors the whole scene continually, regardless of what the operator is doing. Powerful video analytics built into the camera are capable of initiating a virtual camera which automatically tracks an object of interest. FullSight IP Camera can be used standalone via a web browser, or it can be integrated into a video surveillance system via the network video recording software, where users can pan, tilt, and zoom after the fact in full five megapixel resolution of recorded video.

Thomas Carnevale, CEO of Sentry 360 Security, explains, “We have developed this product to cause a complete paradigm shift in the IP video world. With FullSight IP, we have completely changed the way video surveillance systems are designed. The compact size and ability to power over Ethernet make for simple and cost-effective installations. The camera strikes a balance between technology and price, offering consumers a high resolution camera with enhanced features that remains an affordable option. The FullSight IP camera can replace up to eight fixed limited-view cameras, reducing the number of cameras that need to be purchased, installed, and maintained, as well as the number of camera channels required. Investigations are also enhanced: with no blind spots and no moving parts, investigators can pan-tilt-zoom with 2592 x 1944 active pixels- approximately 20 times higher than normal surveillance cameras.”

FullSight IP is the first in a series of product launches. A weather- and vandal-proof model and a shock-proof mobile model will be released at a later date, allowing for even more diverse applications.

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