3VR Security Unveils Comprehensive Video Management System v4.0

April 5, 2006
3VR v4.0 integrate biometrics, critical analytics and search functions to detect and preempts wide range of security threats
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SAN FRANCISCO – April 3, 2006 — 3VR Security, Inc., the pioneer of Intelligent Video Management Systems (IVMS) that convert raw video from security cameras into intelligently searchable information, today debuted 3VR v4.0, the security industry’s first IVMS that combines video with sophisticated biometrics and motion and object analytics in a highly-integrated solution that makes it possible to proactively detect and preempt threats and conduct faster and more comprehensive investigations. 

“Customers have diverse environments and face a wide range of threats that are largely unmet by existing reactive alarm systems and raw video review--leaving companies and government organizations vulnerable,” said Stephen Russell, CEO of 3VR Security. “Today’s security mission requires proactive security intelligence and instant investigations. We believe 3VR v4.0 puts the most sophisticated defense within reach for the thousands of customers who need more from their security environment.”

3VR v4.0 changes the security paradigm by enabling proactive monitoring and targeted investigations. Its object, motion and biometric analytics, combined with the ability to capture and search video data have never been offered within a complete security solution from any vendor. The 3VR v4.0 IVMS requires just a few hours to deploy compared to similar systems and is approximately 80 percent less expensive than traditional analytics systems.

With 3VR, companies pay only for the analytics they want, where they want them. For example, enterprises can deploy a range of analytics to suit the location of their cameras and their individual security needs, whether it’s turning on face recognition for entrance and exit cameras, activating object and motion analysis for perimeter defense, or looking for abandoned and removed objects in key areas. Additionally, the 4.0 release now supports thousands of cameras, deployed on a local network or even in remote geographies.

The 3VR v4.0’s complete analytic suite includes:

-- Object and Motion analytics: restricted areas, motion zone (museum search), perimeter violation, abandoned object, removed object, lighting changes, directional motion

-- Biometrics/Face analytics: face indexing, face recognition, face tracking, face watch lists, face profiling, face import/export

“With the proliferation of cameras, security officers simply need more control over video overload,” stated Sandra Jones, security industry consultant and analyst, Sandra Jones and Company. “3VR has answered them by combining an impressive range of analytics within a single, highly scalable device that is simple to operate, install and tailor to each organization’s special needs. This is a broad and growing market – which has more than doubled in the last five years, becoming an estimated $9.2 billion business in 2005 and expected to grow to $21 billion by 2010.”

View a demonstration of the new 3VR v4.0 at the ISC West conference in Las Vegas, April 5-7, in booth #7133 or visit www.3vr.com/product/demo