Sanyo Introduces New Pan-Focus Technology into CCTV Market

April 4, 2006
Technology offers improved depth of field when compared to varifocal lenses

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — SANYO Security Products, a leading provider of advanced digital products for the security industry, introduces Pan-Focus Technology to the U.S. CCTV market in their new line of dome cameras.

Pan-Focus technology is one of the most revolutionary developments in CCTV cameras that greatly benefits the U.S. security market. The exclusive feature of Pan-Focus technology is that all objects, whether in the foreground or background are in focus.

This extended range depth-of-field is achieved with the built-in Pan-Focus X2.6 motorized zoom lens. The zoom lens offers a focal length of 2.8-7.3mm with no focus adjustments whatever. Once the camera is set it delivers a front to rear image with an unprecedented field of view. For example, at an airport gate with passengers waiting, if a camera with a Varifocal lens is focused on the first row of passengers, those passengers three rows behind will be indistinguishable. However, with the Pan-Focus lens, the passengers in the third row will be in focus and surveillance personnel have the ability to check every detail about them.

SANYO has also made these dome cameras available with remote zoom adjustment possible with an optional camera control unit, VAC-70 (some units have integrated PTZ Pan-Focus lens).

For telemetry control, the cameras have an optional VA-50ST module for coaxial control and RS-485 communications (some have this ability integrated in the camera).

The new line-up of SANYO’s new dome cameras incorporating Pan-Focus technology is as follows:

VDC-DP7584: X2.6 Motorized Zoom lens, Vandal-resistant dome, Day/Night technology, optional VAC-70 camera control unit, optional VA-50ST for RS-485 Coaxial control

VDC-DP9584S: PTZ, Vandal-resistant dome, Day/Night technology, RS-485/Coaxial control

VCC-P7574: X2.6 Motorized Zoom, Indoor Mini dome, color high resolution, optional VAC-70 camera control unit, optional VA-50ST for RS-485 Coaxial control

VCC-P9574S: PTZ, Indoor Mini dome , color high resolution, RS-485/Coaxial

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