FLIR Introduces Long-Range HRC Thermal Security Camera System

Sept. 24, 2007
Thermal camera can see longer than 20Km, integrates with standard CCD camera, laser range-finder

Portland, OR – September 21, 2007 – FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:FLIR) announces the release of the HRC, a long-range, large format thermal security camera system for the next generation of ground-based security applications. HRC’s long-range mid-wave thermal camera features a choice of two 12.5:1 continuous-zoom optics to chose from, either 40x490 or 60x750.

HRC is the only thermal security camera in its class with greater than 20Km range capability. Tunable Digital Detail Enhancement gives operators unmatched thermal image quality; its advanced image processing helps operators break out hard to find targets even in the most adverse conditions.

Both versions of the HRC are mid-wave thermal security camera systems built around a large format 640x480-element array. While the HRC is available as a standalone camera in an environmentally hardened enclosure, installers can also chose to have it integrated with a high-magnification CCD-TV camera, Laser Rangefinder, Digital Magnetic Compass and precision pan/tilt mechanism. When integrated in this multi-sensor configuration, the HRC permits target geo-location and accurate pan/tilt control of its high-magnification optics.

Network-ready with Video-Over-IP and a built-in interface/protocol converter, HRC allows operators to field HRC as a portable stand-alone system, or integrate it into a network of fixed-site sensors via its suite of plug-and-play interface options.

“We are pleased to be able to offer our industry-leading technology to the security and surveillance industry,” said Andy Teich, President of FLIR Systems’ Commercial Vision Systems division.

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