Cohu Introduces Thermal Camera with Integrated Positioner

Aug. 31, 2006
Model 5960 uses military-grade thermal imager inside IP67-rated sealed and pressurized enclosure.

(San Diego, CA) -- The Cohu Model 5960 brings no-light surveillance to the next level by combining function and performance with style. The new model is a military grade thermal imager that delivers high quality and resolution video, enclosed in an IP67-rated sealed and pressurized enclosure, then mounted on Cohu’s popular high-speed positioner. The result is a professional surveillance tool with a striking, yet unobtrusive, appearance.

The Model 5960 system provides greatly improved surveillance flexibility because the side-mounted camera allows an uninterrupted view directly beneath the installation, and its 180° tilt axis provides far greater vertical scan range than traditional positioners. The positioner pans and tilts at an impressive 160°/sec in the preset mode and holds position accuracy to less than 0.1°. Digital position feedback to the Control Center provides precise camera details to other system management software.

A 320 x 240 detector resolution and a variety of lenses will satisfy nearly any imaging situation. (Two more detector sizes will be added next year.) The military-grade thermal imager delivers high quality video, even in extreme conditions such as total darkness, smoke, atmospheric haze or dust, rain, light foliage, and most types of fog. The uncooled (8-14 µm) camera is designed to view shorter distances and for wide areas of view. It is ideal for applications where the distance being monitored is, but not limited to, 1 to 5 Km. With the use of lenses from 18mm to 100mm, the camera field of view can be optimized to the application.

Combined with Cohu’s legendary sealed and pressurized camera enclosure, the surveillance professional is assured of high quality, high performance, and reliable service at a competitive price.

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