Honeywell Introduces High-Resolution True Day Night Camera

Feb. 27, 2006
HCD484E features movable IR cut filter, provides 24/7 solution for outdoor applications

Honeywell has introduced a new high resolution True Day Night color camera with a movable IR Cut filter. This provides true color video capture in the day time and proper black white video at night. This camera can be used with an auxiliary IR illuminator, such as the SWX75 or SWX200 to provide improved night time surveillance when there is not enough adequate light available. This camera can be used indoors, or when combined with the HHC12 environmental camera housing, the HCD484E can be used as a cost effective 24/7 solution for outdoor applications, such as parking lots, building entranceways and driveways.



CCD imagers are very sensitive to red and infrared light. An IR cut filter is placed in front of the CCD of conventional color cameras and software day night cameras in order to render proper color images during the day time. This filter reduces the amount of light incident on the CCD therefore reducing the sensitivity of the CCD at night. Software day night cameras use electronics to enhance the image seen in low light conditions by removing the color burst signal and increasing the AGC. This results in increased noise in the image seen at night.

The new True Day Night camera incorporates a movable IR cut filter that can be placed in the optical path during the day for true color rendition, and removed from the optical path at night to take advantage of the increased sensitivity of the CCD in the near infrared portion of the light spectrum. The changeover from day to night can be controlled by internal logic based on the illumination of the scene, by an external light sensor, or through the RS485 communication port.

The camera includes an OSD menu system that is used to setup the white balance, camera ID, AGC, Line lock Phase, DC lens drive level and shutter speed.