Integrated System Allows Housing Complex to Stop Arson

July 28, 2006
Repeated incidents of arsons, break-ins and vandalism defeated with system that integrated fire, video and access

COPENHAGEN – July 2006. A public housing complex in Copenhagen has stopped arson, theft and vandalism using access control and fire alarms integrated with Milestone open platform IP video surveillance.

Mjolner Park is a large public housing complex from 1987 situated in the Northwest section of Copenhagen, Denmark, managed by the Lejerbo association. The complex has about 2,500 residents, of which almost half are under 18 years old. Over 90% come from other ethnic backgrounds than Danish, comprised of almost 40 different nationalities.

This housing complex previously had no form of security. Drastically increasing incidents of arson, break-ins and general vandalism caused their insurance company to sharpen demands for improvement: in the first half of 2004 alone, they had to pay out about 500-600,000 danish crowns. Furthermore, the residents were scared and insecure in their living environment.

In 2005, the security company AC Sikring implemented a Milestone software-based system with an open platform for full integration between the video surveillance, access control and fire alarms. This solution allows easy and flexible expansion with the addition of new cameras anytime, as well as through integration with other security systems or devices in the future. A total of 230 cameras have been installed so far, and the hardware chosen is a mix of different models depending on where and what needs to be monitored, lighting conditions, etc. This is only possible because Milestone software is independent, supporting the widest choice in network cameras.

The new solution has fulfilled the strict requirements of the insurance company and simultaneously restored security and peace for the residents of the housing complex. There is no longer open access to all the entries and basement areas where storage rooms were being plundered. The new system has put a stop to break-ins and arson, as well as greatly reducing the amount of vandalism.

“It was exactly the solution we wanted: a future-safe solution with a combination of security and quality,” says Muhammed Aslam, Foreman for the Danish housing association Lejerbo. “Both the employees of the housing association and the residents are very happy with the new system – they feel safe again.”